Upcoming Event

To be held on 23 June 2021 at 11:00

“Unlocking South Africa’s Cannabis Industry”

An on-line presentation on the cannabis laws in South Africa…

SAIN and Schindlers Attorneys, together with Sativius and Baobab International, shall present on:

  • South African cannabis law today, and to come – Paul-Michael Keichel (Schindlers)
  • Cannabis as private property – Andrew Lawrie (Schindlers)
  • Cannabis as medicine – Declan Burger (Sativius)
  • Local and international opportunities in cannabis (Pierre van der Hoven – Baobab International)

Should you wish to attend this event, please contact Tammy on 082 820 0509 or email: tammy@sainetwork.co.za


Latest Events

Held on 6 May 2021

“SAIN Africa Forum – Entering into Africa”

An on-line conversation about entering into Africa…

Dave Turner from ABiQ provided us with an overview on the Projects Market in Africa. He covered current/upcoming Projects Opportunities, Country forecast, sectors analysis and who the major players are.

Olivia Ferreira from TMF Group shared her expertise and knowledge, and things to consider as you expand into Africa.

To listen to the recorded presentation, click here

Held on 25 March 2021

“SAIN Africa Forum – Public Private Partnerships in South Africa”

Chris Hart and our panel of experts had a discussion on public private sector partnerships to provide infrastructure in local municipalities.

Panel Discussion:
The panel included two construction companies and a local municipality leader – we explored alternate ways of funding and building facilities to provide water, energy and other basic services:

Chris Hart | Executive Chairman | Impact Empowerment Ventures
Khulekani Nxumalo | Executive Chairman | Sydwalt (Pty) Ltd
Gareth Warner | Managing Director | Sigma Solar Africa
Andile Skosana | Development Strategy Advisor  | CityConsolidator Africa (Pty) Ltd




Held on 25 February 2021

“Budget speech event 2021”

Unmasking the plan to return to normality?

Mazars hosted an online, unique 3D virtual budget event delivered via their interactive platform, with keynote speakers, Bruce Whitfield, Diana Seccombe and Daniel Silke. These economic and tax experts unpacked one of the most important budget speeches of the last 20 years.

To view the recorded presentation, click here


Held on 17 February 2021

“SAIN | Africa Forum”

On-line presentation: Trade and Export into Africa

An overview of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement 

Pieter Steyn, Partner at Werksmans and Chairman of Lex Africa

The AfCFTA presents new opportunities and potential for African business growth.  It is however important to understand the process and timetable as well as the remaining challenges to achieving a single market of 55 countries with 1.3 billion consumers and combined GDP of more than USD3 trillion.

To view the slide presentation, click here

Leveraging the AfCFTA to Unlock Trade and Investment Opportunities – The Role of the Private Sector

John Rocha, Chief Director. Trade invest Africa, DTIC

The economic and distributive effect of the AfCFTA | Trade and Investment Opportunity | DTIC incentives to support trade and investment with the rest of Africa | Key priorities for 2021/22 and Beyond.

To view slide the presentation, click here

SAIN – how we can support you

Held on 1 December 2020

“Disruption with impact … what is coming in 2021

Presented by: Beata Rossudowski

To view the recorded presentation, please click here

Beata Rossudowski (BComm (UNISA)), Vice President of Global Digital Cooperative (GDC), City Director of AiYellow

Beata will share the practical insights for taking your business online and how to do it more effectively.
She will cover:
• 2020 lessons learned
• Sector Shaping Trends
• Impact of sustainable development goals
• The new financial paradigm

Held on 23 November 2020

SAIN | Africa Forum

Presentations by AfDB and DTIC

To view the recorded presentation, please click here

“Positioning for Growth: Private Sector as the Engine for Growth in Africa” – John Rocha

To view the slide presentation, please click here…

Held on 7 October 2020

“SAIN | Africa Forum”

On-line presentation: SAIN Africa Forum and round table discussion

The topics for discussion are the following:

    Our strategic objectives as an organisation
    Our Africa Footprint and partners
    Our current project pipeline and how you as a member can form part of
     these projects

     Member round table:
    An understanding of your business: Each member to give a 60 second
     overview about your company and current work in Africa/South Africa
    Brief preview of upcoming events and Member input on topics and
     speakers you would like to hear

Held on 10 September 2020

“Immigration | Opening of SA Borders”

Presented byHans Kroll

To view the slide presentation, please click here…

The presenter, Hans Kroll of IBN Immigration Solutions, will share his views of the impact Covid-19 has had on immigration and travel in Africa; the latest news of the opening of South African borders and compare border policies between Africa and the rest of the world.

Held on 13 August 2020

“Business success against economic implosion”

Presented byChris Hart

To view the slide presentation, please click here…

The presenter, Chris Hart, Executive Chairman of Impact Investment Africa, will share his views on how much Covid-19 could impact the SA economy and how the pandemic could bankrupt more people than it kills. But, we can win!

Held on 23 July 2020

The Law says | “Buyers Beware”

Presented byDenese Zaslansky

To view the recorded presentation, please click here…

The presenter, Denese Zaslansky, CEO of Firzt Realty Company, will discuss how Roman law, on which South Africa’s legal system is based, lays down a principle: “Let the buyer beware”. A buyer has to be cautious, and ensure that he protects his own interests.
The objective of the presentation is to make the layman aware of what questions to ask and what clauses to add to an Offer to Purchase when buying a property.

Held on 25 June 2020

PART 3 | Selling in a COVID-19 world

Presented by: Najen Naidoo

To view PowerPoint presentation, please click here…

COVID-19 has touched every aspect of our lives and in a time of business unusual everyone is asking themselves what the future will look like in general, but more so for themselves and their businesses. We look at the things we know, what the world is going through together, and what this means for businesses in South Africa. 
Do we rely solely on the government to help navigate us out of this catastrophe or are there things that we can do to help?

We investigate important topics such as how do we restart our business as lockdown starts lifting, what should we be selling, who we should be selling to and how do we sell.