About Us

In 2016, the management of the SAICC’s networking division, SAIN (South Africa Israel Network) was handed over to Vicky Berrington to manage.  In 2018, recognizing that Africa is the most profitable region in the world and that its economic growth prospects are among the world’s brightest, we broke away from the Chamber, offering our growing number of members an opportunity to do business in Africa and Beyond.

We retained the company name SAIN and changed the acronym to South Africa International Network and brought on a dynamic team to work with our members and partners to Identify, Build and Execute small, medium and large local and cross-border projects.  By aligning ourselves with our various partners, SAIN can with confidence, offer its members a turn-key service.

Our services include:
Whether our members have existing projects or projects in the conception stage – we assist with the packaging of their documentation, market research, sourcing the right companies to work with the project owners and much more. Our partners, such as IDC, DTIC, Municipalities, AfDB, top legal and accounting firms, TMF Group and many more, all of whom work with us to ensure we provide the best possible services and support for our members.
JVs/Import & Export services
We assist our members with their import & export requirements and have a dynamic team in place to proactively identify possible JV partnerships.
New business development
We actively generate ongoing new business for our members.
Knowledge sharing
We host regular Africa Forums, a platform that members are able to connect with each other and have expert speakers that share knowledge on important topics that have an impact on business decisions.
Information sharing
Legal updates; latest technology from Israel; member specials, monthly newsletters on current projects in Africa and Member newsletters in which we market our members.

Our vision is to make a difference by contributing to the upliftment of society.