About Us

With the desire to make a difference and contribute to the upliftment of society,  South Africa International Network (SAIN) was formed in 2018 by Vicky Berrington.  Recognizing that Africa’s economic growth prospects are among the world’s brightest, and the potential for business to play a transformative role in solving the continent’s biggest challenges, SAIN’s quest was born.   Although opportunities are abundant, we realised that businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to enter this market due to lack of knowledge, support and access to alternative funding solutions.

SAIN has built up a strong portfolio of companies in industry sectors such as agriculture, construction, energy, technology and mining, offering opportunities to do business in Africa and Beyond. As the needs of our clients expanded, so did our services to them widened.

Our dynamic Team work with our members, clients and partners to Identify, Build and Execute small, medium and large local and cross-border projects. Through aligning ourselves with our various partners, SAIN can with confidence, offer its clients a turn-key advisory and steering service.

Our services include:

SAIN with the assistance of their partners are able to assist with:

  • identifying project opportunities; assistance with existing projects
  • sourcing of funding through financial institutions or private investors, mezzanine funding, loans, and more
  • identifying possible equity partners and JV partners 
  • in-depth market research
  • in-country legal and accounting representation
  • in-country agents and local partners
  • off-shore corporate structures
  • identifying new business development opportunities and introducing the business owners to each other
  • information sharing: Legal updates; latest technology; current projects in Africa