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When you have exhausted growth opportunities or your home market is slowing down, we understand the need to turn to global expansion to help grow your business or at least, help cushion your company during slower economic times.  Entering a new market is no easy task – SAIN, together with our partners will be able to provide you with insight into the development of African countries and assist you in finding the right market for you.

Our partner, TMF Group are able to attend to all your needs in setting up offices throughout Africa and beyond.

Our highly reputable and trustworthy network of legal and accounting partners can assist you throughout Africa and beyond.

Our association and strong ties with various African Investment Promotions Centres, legal entities and reliable resources allows us to identify new projects, source local partners and in-country agents.

Our strong Project Management team, work with our members and partners to Identify, Build and Execute small, medium and large local and cross-border projects.  By aligning ourselves with our various partners, SAIN, can with confidence, offer its members a turn-key service and support.


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